Horizontal antennas verse vertical antennas-which is best?

         Top loaded and helical antennas for the low frequency bands.

         Five high-efficiency Marconi antennas for the 80 and 160 meters.

         Is TVI worse with a vertical antenna? What can you do about TVI?

         The effects of ground on vertical radiation; how to make an effective "radio ground", and how it improves radiation.

         The "Bobtail Beam" for 80-20 meters-high gain in a small space.

         The extended Ground Plane; phased arrays for outstanding DX signals.

         All about multiband verticals; "sloper" and vertical loop antennas.

         How to equalize your antenna for optimum performance.

         All about " Radio grounds" and electrical grounds-the differences.

         The radial ground screen-is a ground screen better than buried radials?

         L-networks, shunt-fed systems, and the gamma match for verticals.

         Antenna test equipment to adjust your antenna for best performance.